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Maryland Plastic Surgeon, James R. Benjamin, M.D.

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As we age our tissues lose elasticity and our ligaments holding up our breasts lose their strength. This results in sagging breasts with less volume. Pregnancy, nursing, weight gain and loss also affects the condition of the breasts. Surgery can help correct the appearance of sagging breasts and thereby increasing your self-confidence and how you feel in your own skin. The surgery requires no hospitalization and is done in a same day surgery center. Recovery time depends on the type of surgery performed but is usually 2 weeks.

Mastopexy means breast lift. It can be accomplished with implants alone, or with reduction of skin and/or breast tissue, or with both reduction of skin and implants to enhance the fullness in the upper portion of the breast, giving it a more voluptuous appearance. When implants are used, they can be placed above or below the muscle using saline or gel filled implants. Dr. Benjamin can help you to make the best decision for you, based on his examination. He uses Mentor, Natrelle, and Sientra brand implants. Depending on the method of lift used, you could have minimal scaring or a scar that looks like an anchor or inverted T on each breast.  Over time, this scar can virtually disappear, or become dark, or hypertrophy and keloid. It depends on your body and how it heals. It has nothing to do with how the procedure is done. If you have a history of keloids, Dr. Benjamin may advise you to choose one procedure over another to minimize the occurrence or visibility of the scar. Your medical history is also factored in during his examination and recommendation. Dr. Benjamin has performed well over 1000 breast procedures including Mastopexy and you can be confident you are in good hands.

If you think a lift may be what you are looking for to make you feel more confident, let Dr. Benjamin give you his opinion and come see us for a free consult.

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