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Breast Reduction surgery is designed to address several issues.

  • Large heavy breasts that put a strain on the back, causing chronic back pain.
  • The weight of the breasts in a bra causing deep grooves in the shoulders from the bra straps.
  • Rashes, fungal infections, and macerations caused by the skin to skin contact of the breast tissue on the upper abdominal area not allowing air to circulate which can cause sweating, to this area.
  • Women who have breast fed and experienced enlargement and then reduction in the fullness can be left with breasts that hang, known as ptotic. This occurs from the stretching of the skin to accommodate the enlarged breast tissue.
  • Asymmetry, or uneven breast size. No woman has perfectly even breast sizes but some are more profoundly obvious than others.
  • Tubular breasts are another normal variant that can be addressed with a Breast Reduction but may require an augmentation as well to correct it cosmetically.

Using the word designed, means that the surgery is designed each and every time to address the issue for that patient. An aesthetic, improved, appearance is always the desired outcome, but correction of the problem or perceived problem is the goal. The skill involved in designing this surgery is one attained through experience. Though the technique is taught, the art of designing to correct is a gift as well as learned through experience. Dr. Benjamin has been doing Breast Reduction Surgery on very large breasted women for over 30 years. His ability to design the appropriate surgery for a unique situation is remarkable.

The techniques used in a Breast Reduction can include use of a pedicle, which means the nipple and some breast tissue is kept intact while the skin surrounding it is decreased through excision. The incisions can vary in configuration. One is known as the keyhole and leaves an anchor shaped scar. This is best for large heavy breasts that need reduction of mass and skin. Another technique makes an incision around the areolar tissue and removes excess skin above and around the areola. Closing then leaves only a scar around the areola. This cannot be done for large heavy breasts that need reduction in mass. This technique is best for smaller ptotic breasts. Another technique leaves an inverted T shape which is similar to anchor but not as long a scar in the fold. This can be used depending on the size and amount of tissue in the outside fullness of the breasts. Finally, a technique most currently being used , leaves a lollipop scar which leaves a scar around the areola and down below the breast at the 6 o’clock point .

Recovery after a Breast Reduction may or may not involve drains. This is determined by Dr. Benjamin at the time of surgery and depends on the amount of bleeding and fluid drainage encountered. Time off of work usually necessary is 10 days. Minimal pain is usually experienced. Smoking is the most problematic and detrimental factor in proper wound healing after this procedure. Diabetes can also complicate the recovery process.

If you think a Breast Reduction would help you feel better about your appearance, improve your posture or back pain, or address other issues, please let Dr. Benjamin give you his expert opinion. Consultations are free and his experience can help you make the right decision. Check out our financing options to see if you can be on your way to feeling lighter.


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