Excess Skin Removal after Extreme Weight Loss

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Congratulations! You did it! You lost the weight you wanted to lose through hard work.

It doesn’t matter if it was by way of surgery or will power, you went through some serious trials and tribulations to get to this day… The day you decide it’s time to remove the excess skin left behind after shrinking all of those fat cells. What does that entail? For each person it could look differently. Depending on your age, your nutritional health, your skin elasticity, and your genetics, the fat you stored stretched the skin greater in some areas than others. It is those areas that you want corrected. Each area has different skin tension lines. This means that the supportive ligaments of the skin go in different directions depending on where the tension is placed on the skin due to gravity and movement requirements. Gravity has one direction…down. So, when you lift up on the skin, cutting off the excess may not be in the same direction of the tension lines, nor easily hidden. Therefore, each procedure is designed to incorporate the direction of tension lines, gravity, and cosmetically concealing the scars, as well as the excision of excess skin.

The procedures available in Excess Skin Removal are:

Each of these procedures is designed specifically for the patient’s needs taking into account the factors addressed previously as well as how many areas are necessary and can be safely done together. Though insurance covers Gastric bypass surgery or Bariatric Surgery, it does not usually cover skin excision.
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Dr. James Benjamin understands this and will try to accomplish as many areas as possible in one surgical sitting in order to reduce patient costs. The main factors considered in combining them is blood loss, duration of surgery and anesthesia, as well as positioning concerns. This surgery cannot be accomplished without significant scarring. Therefore, expectations of what you are will look like post operatively must include scars.

If you have lost weight and are left with excess skin, ask Dr. Benjamin for his expert advice on how you can be rid of that hanging skin and fit in your clothes more attractively. Consultations are free and his experience and expertise can help you make the right decision for you.


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