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Liposuction is the art of sculpting the body using a cannula or metal rod attached to suction to break up the fat pockets and remove the fat. This is done artfully to remove fat in specific areas and smooth the transition areas with feathering. Not all fat is made the same. Some fat is harder than other fat and is therefore more difficult to remove. The vigorous manner in which the process is done is necessary to achieve the results desired. Because a rod or cannula is used, tunnels are created during the process. 

These irregularities are palpable to touch and may be so for a year or more. Massage and topical laser systems are effective to decrease these irregularities sooner. Not all fat is removed during the suctioning process …intentionally. You will not make new fat cells in the area suctioned, however the fat cells that are left behind can still swell up if you eat and gain weight storing fat. This is not a weight management procedure but more of a sculpting method. This process is also used when doing a fat grafting procedure where the fat that is suctioned is processed and re-injected into areas that need volume such as the face, or buttocks.

The procedure is done under general anesthesia usually, though it can be done with intravenous sedation or awake with local anesthetic. This depends on the size and number of areas being done, the patient’s tolerance to discomfort, and anxiety level. The decision must however be made prior to entering the operating room. Dr. Benjamin usually recommends using general anesthesia as it is safe and allows him to do his best work without causing the patient any discomfort during surgery.

Recovery after having liposuction requires only minimal time off. However, you will be sore and bruised for a couple weeks, in most cases. There is no limitation in lifting but swelling and outcome would be improved with using your garment continuously for 6 weeks, limiting dietary salt intake, and non- strenuous exercise.

If you think you could benefit from localized areas of fat removal, liposuction may be your answer. Please come in and talk with Dr. Benjamin about how we can help you improve how you feel about your body. That is our goal. We want you to feel good in your skin.


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By Maryland Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, James R. Benjamin, M.D.

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