Affordable Medial Thigh Lift Surgery
Maryland Plastic Surgeon, James R. Benjamin, M.D.

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Starting to notice sagging skin on the inside of your thighs or that uncomfortable rubbing?
Many people complain of these issues after massive weight loss or gain. It can be from fat deposits and/or excess skin, or just loss of the skin’s elasticity. If this is an area of concern, you may want to consider a medial thigh lift. This procedure can be performed with or without Liposuction at the same time, but in Dr. Benjamin’s practice, for healing and complication reasons he prefers that liposuction be done prior to the lift procedure at a separate time.

When you receive a thigh (or leg lift), an incision is made that follows the natural skin lines, where the leg and pelvis joins in the groin area. Another incision, running down the inner thigh to the knee, may be made depending on the amount of excess skin. The excess skin is excised and edges joined at the groin. The scar lines are usually hidden in the panty line, in the groin area, and sometimes down the inside of the leg. The configuration of the scars depends on the amount of loose skin to be excised. The underlying tissue will be reshaped and tightened which leaves you with a smoother leg contour.

Recovery time is similar to that of a tummy tuck, as the incisions are in an area that gets a lot of movement and stretch when sitting, standing and lying down. Approximately 3 weeks is the usual amount of time required off of work. Meticulous cleanliness of the suture area is necessary during the healing process as the area is usually warm, moist and prone to bacteria. The scar line is prone to migrating or gradually drifting down the leg as the skin continues to lose elasticity. This necessitates the surgeon to use sutures to attach the skin to the deeper fascial tissues to minimize this. It may cause a slight puckering at first but will relax and disappear over time. Drains are occasionally used but this is not routine.

We will need you to wear a compression garment for several weeks post-op. This will help not only heal the area, but also tighten the skin.

$160 Per Month, Affordable Thigh Lift Surgery

By Maryland Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, James R. Benjamin, M.D.

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