Tummy Tuck Surgery In Bowie, MD

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Also known as a Tummy Tuck, this procedure is done to remove redundant skin and abdominal fat and tightening of the muscles of the abdominal wall. Sometimes it is combined with regular liposuction to sculpt the flanks. Liposuction of the abdominal flap is avoided by this practitioner in order to decrease the chances of flap injury to its circulation.

The ideal candidate for a Tummy Tuck is relatively healthy, non-diabetic, non-smoker, with redundant skin of the abdomen. Fat under the abdominal muscles and around the intestines, cannot be corrected with this procedure. If that is the cause of the roundness of the abdomen, diet and weight loss are the only things that can correct that. Fat and excessive skin that lie over the abdominal wall can be removed and leave a more flattering appearance. If the muscles are lax due to weight loss, pregnancy, or lack of exercise, tightening of the muscles can be done with this procedure. This can decrease the strain on the back muscles as well, caused by abdominal wall laxity.

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By Maryland Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, James R. Benjamin, M.D.

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