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Your consultation appointment is the essential first step in the process of considering plastic surgery. This office visit will be the first time you meet with our board certified plastic surgeon James R. Benjamin, MD, and our staff. The consultation is your opportunity to ask all the questions you have regarding the procedure you are interested in. During the consultation, Dr. James Benjamin, will determine if your expectations are attainable with that procedure. The consultation usually takes about an hour and involves the following steps:

When you initially schedule your consultation appointment, we will ask for your name, date of birth, phone number and email address. Our patient registration forms are now here on the web site. Please take the time to fill them out online, and either print them and bring them with you, or save them and email them to Our staff will greet you and provide with registration forms if you have not already provided them from the website. Your right to privacy is very important to us, so we guard all of your personal information and medical records with the utmost caution and discretion.

Physician Consultation with Maryland Board Certified Plastic Surgeon James R. Benjamin, M.D.
During your visit at Body By Benjamin(Formally Renew Plastic Surgery), you will be treated with courtesy and respect by our physician and our professional staff. We want you to feel comfortable and at ease as you explore your options regarding a surgical procedure. To begin your consultation, a member of our medical staff will escort you to the examination room. She will obtain basic information from you about what procedures you are interested in. You will then meet with Dr. Benjamin to discuss your desires about your surgery, your goals, expectations and concerns. Plastic surgical procedures are highly individualized and should be done only for your own reasons, not to fulfill someone else’s desires or to fit any sort of ideal image. During your consultation, you should be prepared to discuss such topics as Dr. Benjamin will ask about your medical condition, medical treatments, previous surgeries, family history, current medications and tobacco use. He will also evaluate your general overall health status, perform a physical exam, and take photographs for your medical records. Your health, safety and overall satisfaction is our priority. The success and safety of your surgical procedure depends very much on your complete candidness during your consultation. Dr. Benjamin will give you his professional opinion about which procedures may meet your desired goals and objectives.

After Your Consultation
After your consultation appointment, if you still have some remaining questions or concerns, the office staff is delighted to assist you. If you feel it is necessary, Dr. James Benjamin would be happy to see you for a second consultation, and our staff is always available to answer any questions over the phone!

After your exam and discussion of the possible procedures available to help meet your desired goals, Dr. Benjamin will give you a personal quote that is based on your specific needs. This includes his fee, the facility fee, anesthesia fee, garment, and pain pump when indicated. Facility and anesthesia fees are calculated on a time estimation basis. The second component of the facility fee is based on type of procedure. Your total will include all of these. You will pay the total to Dr. Benjamin and he will pay anesthesia and facility for your procedure.

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